About Bioactive Skin Care Co.

About Bioactive Skin Care Co.

Bioactive Skin Care Co. is a Canadian small-batch manufacturer of all-natural bioactive skin care products located in Toronto, Ontario.

A Message From The Founder

For as far back as I can remember, I struggled with dry and sensitive skin. I know all too well the frustration and embarrassment caused by bad skin. Over the years, I tried countless moisturizers, but unfortunately none of them worked for me. Many contained questionable ingredients, some were too greasy, others just plain didn't work or were too expensive. In 2019, I decided to make it my mission to solve this problem once and for all. So, during my evenings and weekends, I started obsessively researching skin care ingredients. Eventually, I used my savings to invest into some lab equipment to begin on my journey to create the perfect face cream.

After nearly a year of research and development, I finally accomplished what I'd set out to do and the Day & Night Moisturizer for Dry Skin was finally born. I'd created an all-natural face cream packed with bioactive ingredients that was all-natural, non-greasy, absorbed quickly, and most importantly, completely cleared up my skin. The face cream not only solved my dry skin and irritation, but it significantly improved the appearance of my skin.

In early 2020, I decided to launch Bioactive Skin Care Co. to share my creation with the world. Today, Bioactive Skin Care Co. has a growing line of skin care products and a loyal base of satisfied return customers. I'm extremely humbled and grateful for each customer that places their skin care order with us. It makes me incredibly happy to know that our products are helping to improve the appearance of our customers' skin, just as it did for me.

At Bioactive Skin Care Co., you can always expect excellent Canadian-made all-natural skin care products at affordable prices. We have everything you need for a simple yet effective skin care routine, no matter your skin type. Enjoy browsing our shop and we hope you'll consider Bioactive Skin Care Co. for your next skin care order!

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